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Listed below are the Board of Directors for the Fargo Post 2 Baseball program. 

If you have any questions regarding the program or signing up to play feel free to contact Jim Pettersen at 701.866.8000 or contact him via email.



Corey Thompson*

Board Chairman

Jim  Pettersen*

Jim Pettersen*

Vice Chairman

Phone: (701) 866-8000

Mary Rustad*


Brady Meyers*


Brian Prisinzano*

Director At Large - Website - Twitter (@fargo_post2)

Scott Krabbenhoft

Social Media -Facebook - Twitter @post2clubhouse

Andrew Fritz

Board Member

Scott Anderson

Board Member

Dale Cardwell

Board Member

Steve Blazek

Board Member

Kelly Parrett

Board Member

Holly Ibach

Booster Club Representative

Luke Rustad

Luke Rustad

Post 2 Head Coach & Director of Baseball Operations

Chris Hanson

Legion Representative

* Indicates voting member